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Officially, on November 6, 2005, this journal has been made private and friends-locked due to obvious reasons.

Occasionally, I'll post public posts-- those entries that don't depict anything about my life. But hey, don't count on it. I stress the word occasionally.

Oldies kind of love

I went to my grandma's house to tell her I was going out. She then asked me to pass by a bakeshop and get her a Cathedral Window gelatin. She told me she would pay me back when I get home.

When I went home, I gave her the gelatin. I also added three pieces of polvorón (which she declined </3). She gave me 200 bucks (even if I insisted she didn't need to pay :<), so I dug through my pockets trying to look for change, since it only costs 160. She then told me there was no need.

Extra 40 bucks! ...hurray?

She then conjured up a magic fork (since it appeared out of nowhere!) and cut the gelatin in half. And to my surprise, she gave me the other half.

Me: Eh, if you're giving me half, then you should've paid only for half.

Grandma: Even if I bought this on my own, I really planned to give you the other half.

:') It's just like the Gina McDonald's commercial (sorta) :')

Love is an ocean wide. -The Afters

It's true. I'm listening to that song right now and it's wonderful. If you want to listen to it too: http://www.sendspace.com/file/v4zgva

I love my grandma :) It's just sad she's going back to the US soon. No worries, after I graduate, I will be back in the US!


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My japanese playlist can be found here.

Same drill with the other playlist! If you want anything, just comment with your choice of file hosting site and type of file. Zip or individual?

That's all. If you've got nice music to share.... @___@

Japanese Playlist

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General Playlist here.

Corrections and all those blah ensued! Correct me whenever you see something wrong! Take for example my sucky alphabetizing skill >_> *is embarrassed*

If you want anything, just comment. Also note where you want me to upload it and if you want multiple songs whether you want to download it as an individual file or zip file. If you don't include any of those, I guess it's up to me where and how I want it uploaded. XD I choose YSI, and will upload it as a zip file.

(PS. I'm veeery lazy... and school starts next week so I guess you have to be patient :/)

Enlightening! Woo-hoo! Public entry!

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...I wonder if there are any exceptions... ._.

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