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Hi, I'm a monster!

I will eat you for breakfast.

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Chinese name: 佳玲
Japanese name: クリス
Korean name: 가령(영)
English name: Krystyn

You may call me any one of those.

Obviously, I'm an Asian (actually, an ABC, American-born Chinese) who doesn't live up to those AZN stereotypes. Wow.

<-- I sort of look like that. I dress that way, but my frame isn't that petite and fragile. Ooh, and I absolutely LOVE oranges. The color and the fruit. Mmm...

I'm currently 13 14 15 16 17.... HOLYMOLYFRIKKENTOMATOJUICE, I'm 18 now! D: This LJ is so old, that I have to keep crossing out my age... and ta-da. 18! *cries* UPDATE: Less than a month before my 19th birthday... AHH! I'M 19!

As of the moment, I have no passion. I have yet to travel the path of deciding what to do with my life. I do enjoy writing (but I'm very moody), drawing (with this, I'm moodier), reading (I think it's necessary to put here that I strongly dislike hate the Twilight "saga". I do respect the opinions of the sane fans), watching cartoons... whatever goes my drift. A part of me wants to be a teacher, but people give me discouraging reactions when I tell them that. *sigh*

I'm eclectic, btw. Some people may mistake that for eccentric, but both are true about me! I live in my own little world, that there were many instances where the thin line between reality and fantasy would vanish for a bit, then come crashing back down with twice its original weight on me. I'm a dreamer, as you can tell. I'm not insane. I just needed someone to pull me away from the world that I have grown attached to...

...and guess what. I brought him along with me to that world-- and we're both happy. It's all for the best :)